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Mulled wine; mulled cider; kittens; mince pies in the shape of Christmas trees; terrible, terrible Christmas records: these are a few of the Folkbuddies favourite things.

Caution: May contain singing

Playlist (naughty)

Playlist (nice)

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The Folk Buddies have been to some gigs. They talk about them. PLUS: Andrew's nephew explains Mumford and Sons. 


Play List. 

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The Folk Buddies continue their autumnal ruminations about folk, fairy tales and feminism. They turn their attention to contemporary faerie-influenced bands like Heg and the Wolf Chorus and the Emily Portman Trio. This leads to an unprecedented outbreak of unanimity.  

As ever, a play list.

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It is quite literally Halloween, so the folk buddies  decide to have an in depth scholarly discussion about Tam Lin. They end up bickerig about who they love more, Sandy Denny or Maddy Prior. 

There's a playlist and everything. 

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In an orgy of topicality the folkbuddies turn their musical eye north of Hadrian's wall, to Scotland! Home of Dick Gaughan, Karine Polwart and even some artists whose names we can pronounce. Listeners are warned that Andrew eats Haribo throughout.

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As autumn settles upon the UK like a wet rag, let this twenty six minute bucket of podcast offcuts be the kindling that lights the fire of laughter in your hearts or something I don't know.

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The epic conclusion of the Folk Battles saga. Families torn apart, vows that can never be taken back, Eurovision. That sort of thing. 

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In the second instalment of our Folk Battle, things take a more serious turn as we discuss the role of archaic language in creating emotional distance. Trigger warning for discussion of sexual assault.

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A long time ago, on a dining room table far away, the folk buddies prepared for each other a playlist of 'their' folk music. They swapped, and then they listened, and then they talked and talked and TALKED. 

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Flat foods! Incest! Drugs! A philosophical argument about what constitutes a 'camper van'! All this plus Eliza Carthy  and Martin Simpson at the 2014 Village Pump Folk Festival.

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Andrew and Clarrie don't agree about Tommy McCarthy, the Anti Capitalist Road Show and Other Things. 

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Nudity! Electrical Danger! Mumford and/or Son! All this and more in Andrew's wet and messy 2014 Glastonbury audio diary. No Clarrie, though. She stayed at home and played X-Box.

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Dolphins! Shipwrecks! Pirates, and... Scaffolders? Pour a rum and tip your prostitute, it's sea shanties week and a Folk Buddies favourite has encountered difficult second album syndrome.

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In preparation for next week's coverage of the Black Swan Folk Festival, Clarrie and Andrew get into the wayback machine and return with an unreleased episode from this time last year. 

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In this episode Andrew and Clarrie ask 'which is more important, intent or interpretation?'  Warning: Contains language and opinions.

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The Folk Buddies visit Bristol Folk Festival 2014, the festival that nearly wasn't. It's bells & hankies agogo with Jim Moray & Fairport Convention as Clarrie broods about being too skint to see Lucy Ward and Rilstone manages not to describe R.S.V.P as 'kind of a klezmer ska band'

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Episode 15: Take down that Union Jack, it clashes with our MASSIVE DRAGON

Andrew disses the queen, Clarrie has strong views on the entertainment value of dams and the Mermaid Avenue sessions. Both of them forget that St George's Hill is in Surrey. All in all it's an eventful St George's Day in Folk Buddy Towers.

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Andrew thought the leaden winter would bring him down forever, but now his naked ears are tortured by the Sirens sweetly singing. Clarrie isn't in this one, so contents herself with references to sub-par Cream songs.

Special Guest Appearance By STEVE.

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This week on Folk Buddies: Clarrie hates sincerity and collaborating with the Axis forces during WWII. Andrew reads the rugged poetry of the outdoorsman. Everyone giggles at leaflets about VD. 

Recorded during cold season, so heavy breathing throughout.

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Join us as, through the power of Future Radio, we travel back through time to 2013 where a select group of folk numpties have just seen Ewan Mclennan play the three sugar loaves.

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Join us, as for the first time, Bristol's prestigious MONTY awards are presented live on the future radio.

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