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"You there boy, what podcast is this?" "Why it's the Folk Buddies Bumper Xmas Special sir." "Have they still got that mulled wine in the shop?" "The 3.99 microwave filth?" "Fetch it, and a shiny sixpence for your trouble!" "Please stop talking to me." 

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In this found footage style episode, Andrew takes advantage of Clarrie's temporary absence to showcase some local venues.

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In this super spooky Halloween spectacular Clarrie and Andrew discuss Bright Phoebus and The Wickerman, explore the science of box wine, and use the word hauntology. A LOT.

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Through the power of radio, we travel back in time to May, where Clarrie and Andrew have just been to an Alasdair Roberts concert.

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As demand for a more reasonably sized podcast grows, Clarrie and Andrew release this mixed bag of witterings covering everything from opera to coffee shops and clocking in at well under half an hour.

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Bumper Trowbridge Special

In this episode, recorded entirely on location at the Village Pump Festival in Trowbridge, Clarrie outs herself as sickly and Andrew tells the Worst. Joke. Ever. Also featuring special guest star: Tim the roadie.

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With Clarrie out of the picture for a few weeks due to illness, Andrew steps into the breach with an account of his solo adventures at the Hatfield Folk Festival.

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Another artist themed episode from the Folk Buddies, as Andrew tries to convince an understandably skeptical Clarrie that Luke Jackson is folk music's second coming. 

A big thank you to Luke Jackson himself, who very kindly gave permission for his music to be used in full. Go and buy his albums:

Spotify playlist:

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Andrew goes to the Priddy folk festival, where he describes everything as 'kind of gypsy, klezmer-ish'. 

(This podcast was recorded using very basic equipment, so the sound quality is poor and the editing is almost non-existent. Stick with us, we'll be back to exquisitely produced nonsense next week).

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In this, Chris Wood themed, episode: Andrew and Clarrie are bitten by some radioactive alcohol and turn into a conservative vicar and an angry lefty stereotype respectively. Then they argue about stuff for ninety minutes. 

There's a review of a Chris Wood gig in there somewhere.


I know it's actually 'Janet', by the way.

As ever, a spotify playlist for this episode can be found here:

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EXTENDED Glastonbury Special

Did you enjoy the Glastonbury special, but think it could have been longer? Missed the balance and knob jokes only Clarrie can provide? YOU ARE IN LUCK. The Extended Glastonbury features over 70 MINUTES of extra content. And Clarrie.

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Glastonbury Special

In this episode: Andrew goes to the world famous 'hippy convention' Glastonbury. Where a lady gives him free beer, he fails to get a dirty joke, and his mind is blown by the existence of cosplay. 

Clarrie doesn't.

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This took me, like, an hour.

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Episode Three: The Hanging Judge

In this, very special, episode of Folk Buddies about the dangers of no-alcohol: everybody forgets to turn their 'phones off again, Andrew insults the entirety of Guildford, and our hosts considers duelling for the honour of an anti-folk damsel. Meanwhile, with an eye to mainstream popularity and a spin off podcast, Clarrie subtly introduces the topic of Nana Mouskouri.

As usual, a spotify playlist for this episode can be found here:

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In this, much shorter, podcast: Andrew and Clarrie discuss Jackie Oates, disagree about the definition of a lullaby, discover a shared parental affection for the Andrews Sisters and ask how *do* you pronounce Dick Gaughan? 

Also they forget to turn their phones off, and Clarrie casually tosses out the word 'ossified' like it ain't no thing.

And then it just stops.

(As usual, a spotify playlist for this episode can be found here: 

(Oh, and it turns out that we were both kind of right about Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:

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In this very special feature length episode of Folk Buddies about the dangers of alcohol, Rilstone gives a lengthy and articulate description of his path as a consumer from classical to folk while Clarrie says 'cunt' and mumbles something about poverty and The Titanic.

Meanwhile we spend a good half hour raving about an act whose name we never remember, come to terms with having accidentally attended a jazz concert and Andrew mounts a spirited defence of the OTHER four letter f-word. 

If you enjoy Folk Buddies, why not visit

where you can read more indepth music reviews, buy some of Andrew's books or donate towards our running costs. 

A spotify playlist for this episode can be found here:

(The lad we failed to remember the name of was Jim Evans. He really did look like Daniel Kitson).

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